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West Indies

Props created for story set in 1910's.

Sarah Lewis, a woman born in the Danish West Indies travels to Denmark, but the Islands are sold to the USA as war strategy. As many others, she is not able to go back to St. Croix.

I have design props to represent this fictitious world.

  • A package of unopened letters sent by Sarah in Copenhagen to her mother Etha P. Lewis in St. Croix found by a distant relative of Sarah many years later.

  • Check for the payment of cession of the Danish West Indies to the United States. The actual Danish Minister Constantin Brun is replaced by a character in my story, uncle Jens C. Voigt.

  • Poster advertising Glyptoteket an Art Museum.

  • Theater Program from a Play where Sarah and Søren play together. Sarah has written a note “Our First Play Together S & S” and marked the characters’ names.

  • Letter from Søren to his mother from the Danish West Indies, explaining her how his life goes and asking for understanding for not having followed the family wishes in the then called “Kjøbenhavn”.

  • Photographs of Sarah Lewis


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